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Shes regretting it,

why cant she just ring me, i can tell that she just wants to take all of this back…


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I never ever go on my tumblr other than to read someone elses, so yeh a friend of mine told me to come on here and vent my feelings into a post as sometime it helps to get stuff down on ”paper”

So how do i feel?

I dont actually know how i feel yano, words cant describe it, im confused, annoyed but at the same time im so unbelievably hurt, the one i love and have loved since i started talking to them has actually just left me and probably wont get back with me, i keep calling her and mailing her and i get nothing, no answers… nothing, its a hopeless cause, i should of seen it coming, i could never keep being that happy for long.

So yeh i had the most amazing time with her it was unreal, making the weirdest meals and just being weird infront of each other then obviuously the 10 or so days where up and she had to go which we were both so upset about, at the train station was horrible, i walked away from the train with her on it and felt like running back and kissing her and giving her another hug, i really wish i did now because the feeling off never being able to see her again fucking sucks, i hate it, i love her so much but wont be able to see her again.

So yeh she got home and we had a small arguement then BAM i got dumped, it went from like the most perfect dream ever to a nightmare where i felt like i was dying,

the pain im feeling at the moment is fucking unreal, the things i would do to get her back would be amazing just to have one more time seeing her would be amazing,

yano, i would do anything to go back to our last day together just to have her in my bed with not a care in the world just hugging and watching some films, ….. god i miss her right now :/

i dont know why im posting this, i probably sound like a right twat, but yeh, i suppose tumblr is for writing feelings and stuff? well thats what im doing anyway…

Btw if you ever read this.

I love you baby

Forever and always

and your the love of my life

just picture that face that i did that made you laugh so much, the puting one with the eyes going up? hopefully you will smile,

I love you

<3 <3 <3

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heeey you ;) i'm bored at college waiting for you to reply to my emails on hotmail!
i just wanted to say that i'm so in love with you. and i just love everything about you, your my world, and I don't know what I'd do without you <3 i love you baby <3

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I really fucking love you ♥

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Wish i saw these earlier and i wish that you were still mine :/

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i love you btw.
yes? :
yes? yes? yes? hahahaha.
i'll take whatever you say as a yes ;) ♥♥♥
i fucking love you so much, NO-ONE can take you away from me, i love you too much.
your my boy, and i'm your girl. yours forever, forever and always, love of my life. i love you always ♥

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I wish everything in this email was still true baby :’(

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ciao baby ;) vorrei solo dire che ti amo e prometto che per sempre <3

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Your such a babe, I LOVE YOU <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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